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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I have the flu.

It began at 10 am this morning. I blame the Royal Baby. Why? Because dude is getting far too much positive coverage lately and babies are know for their infectious properties. 

I know this sounds ridiculous, but yes (I’m gonna play the trump card) TRUST ME…. I’M A DOCTOR.

First began the nausea, then the vomiting. Man that was fun.I am now full on into fevers, chills and feeling like I was going to lose my stomach contents at a moments notice.

Make no mistake- I am not looking for sympathy. We all get the flu. Hell I am sure some patient somewhere coughed the wrong way and bingo I’m a Petri dish. It happens. I work around a lot of sick people… this was my first flu of the year… my time had come due.

And normally I would have taken it like a champ. Afterall- I could use a nap?

But, my flu came about on the morning I was in clinic. 

Everything is magnified when you have to be professional. 

Let’s be clear, I came prepared, despite my predicament. I do work in a doctor's office. 

I had an empty stomach, a fist full of Advil, a bottle of fluids, Gravol and the an amazing assistant. 

She would cancel my afternoon and I would work the morning with pharmacotherapy. 

The plan was simple.

Keep my stomach empty.
Take the Gravol first and a small amount of fluids, so as not to vomit up water between patients. 

1. Down the Advil 45 minutes after the Gravol giving the antiemetic (anti-vomit medication) time to work and allowing the anti-inflammatory to kill the pounding in my body and brain.
2. Cancel afternoon of clinic
3. Take bus home
4. Leave bike at work
5. Crawl in bed
6. Pray for death. 

So here I sit not doing so hot. Forgive me my sisters if GGTH will be a bit late this week. My post will no doubt cover the Royal birth as we are all shameless in our obsessions and I am no exceptions.... stay tune, my girlfriends and wish me well. 

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