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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Power of Play

Happy Tuesday my girlfriends. May I say that I find myself in a rather festive mood these days. Why you ask? Perhaps it is the beginning of the arrival of the new fall lines in stores? Surprisingly, not so much.

Make no mistake, as my girlfriends know, I do believe accessorizing should be an Olympic sport. But indeed the chance to try on a new PRADA suit, although thrilling, is not the cause for my latest bought of joy. For yes, my sisters, my latest swell of joy is not due to London fashion week but indeed due to London 2012.

Oh my girlfriends, I do love me an Olympics. Summer or winter, it does not matter- like my fashion sense, I’ll take any season.

And so when Sir David Beckham suited up to bring the torch into Olympic stadium I was welling up like a girl.

It’s been 4 days now since the cauldron was lit with all the pageantry that the Brits are known for and the blush is definitely not of the English rose.

I am as attached to my television set as I am to my AMEX card. Oh the feel good moments keep coming. From the athletes entrance to the sporting moments, I am indeed in heaven.

Why just this morning my favourite barista asked me what was my favourite sport. And just like my shoe closet I find it impossible to decide.

Last night I spent 2 hours watching men’s synchronized diving with as much attention as I put into watching the fall ready to wear shows.  I sat through men’s ad women’s cycling (but of course) and even spent some time watching beach volleyball.

I am watching it all. I love the national pride, I love the joy of sport and I love the time difference that allows me to watch something at 3 am if I just can’t sleep.

But aside from the emotional gush, I stopped to ponder the fact that the Olympics really do have a power over us. What is it about? Is it the power of the emotional connection to people who are living their dream? Is it a sense of appreciation for what our bodies can do when we are blessed with good abs and financial backing?

Or is it as simple as the power of play.

Remember when we were kids and the world of sport was our oyster? When we came home from school and someone actually asked us if we wanted to play in the streets. The we got older and the world changed and the play became a forced undertaking that needed to be justified with purpose.

Now we find ourselves driving to gyms and working out and driving home. We do what we must and most of us forget about the joy of it all.

I submit to you here my sisters on this Olympic of days a call to action. I have undoubtedly written on so many occasions about the power of exercise to reduce a host of medical risks. In fact last week the LANCET published an entire issue devoted to the power of exercise at reducing the risk of developing a variety of diseases. For once, I will not go into detail with the science of it all. I will avoid the WHY and focus on the WHAT.

Forgive me for the deviation in format my sisters- but rest assured I’ll be back next week with evidence galore to rock your world.

In the meantime- my sisters…. Let’s get out there. Let’s use these Olympics games as an inspiration to see what we can do- to push ourselves beyond our expectations.

Why just yesterday I ran 26km- my longest training run this year. Sure, I can no longer feel my ass but yes, my heart is full.  Who knows what the future will hold.

If the world can pause for 16 days and rejoice in the play of it all than why can’t we? Now get out there my sisters and have yourself a fabulous week. Whether you run or cycle or even synchronize dive- take up the charge and get your fabulous selves active….Life is indeed for the living – and we are all waiting for our own moment of greatness. 

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