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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HappyBirthday to Me.

Yes my girlfriends today is my birthday.

No wishes necessary, just send footwear please. I am a fan of birthday celebrations. I have never been one to shy away from a good self centred party.

Here's why birthdays are so fabulous:
1. Cake- I love me some good birthday cake. As a nutrition freak- who does not relish in the one day of the year where cake is sanctioned?
2. Gifts- Yah. I'm a shallow cow. But really don't you love it when the people you value the most in life get together and rack their brains and bank accounts just to get you the perfect something?
3. People have to be nice to you- it's your friggin birthday for heaven's sake. Anyone who is mean to you today is an asshole.
4. Gestures- completely perfect strangers wish you well via social media. Sad and demented but social.

There you have it my girlfriends. No evidence. Not a long one. I'm 41 after all. I'm spending my day eating cake, going for a run in the park and buying myself a new pair of shoes. Happy Birthday to me my sisters. Now bring on the tweets.

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