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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Big Day

I know Tuesdays are OUR days dear girlfriends... you know, the time when you and I sit down and reflect upon our choices in life and fashion and look at the world with a scientific eye and and a four inch heel.

But once in a while there are special days... Barney's end of season sale, Boxing Day and yes.... tomorrow.

Tomorrow, August 13, I am cycling across Canada to raise funds and awareness for Diabetes.

Yes, my cybersisters... this journey will combine my true loves... Cycling, healthy living, a voice for a great cause and one hell of a reason to buy fabulous sportswear....

IT will be a 21 day ride with a team of fellow philanthropic nut bars from Cycle 4 What Matters who will be riding at least 100 kilometres a day in a relay form from Vancouver to Halifax.

On a scientific note... I will burn approximately 85,000 calories over three weeks. I will ride at least 6-8 hours a day and try and sleep 8 hours a night. I will eat properly and rehydrate well but yes... there will be a treat or two.... the road must provide and my girlfriends do know my love of cake.

Sure part of me is in it for the baked goods... but mostly I'm doing it for the same reason I buy obnoxiously extravagant footwear.... because I want to. My justification is simple... change your perspective and change the world....

Should I pass you on my ride somewhere along this great land.. give me a shout out and I'd love to stop and chat...who knows? Perhaps your story may be just the voice to inspire a new girlfriend to pay it forward and move toward healthier living.

Off I go on my beautiful bike BELLA to ride for guts and glory. Yes, there will be tears of joy and yes there will be inspiring moments. I'll be interviewing Canadians across this great land and hearing their amazing stories in their quest for better health. I'll be blogging about it on so do feal free to tune in daily my dear girlfriends and share in the joy and the madness.... it should be one hell of a ride.

Wanna suport my ride with this months shoe budget? Go to the link below.... all funds raised will go to people living with diabetes:

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