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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Posting

I was sitting in the salon today…. Yes six weeks… times to groom. Fun! And the usual eavesdropping ensued. I could not help but listen in to the girlie chatter going on around me. Today the place was all a buzz… more so than usual. Today was the day of the Royal Wedding.

Yes, I too woke at 3 am to relieve my bladder and my curiosity. After a good “tinkle” I could not resist turning on the TELE to see the spectacle. Don’t worry my cyber sisters… I did not watch for long. I got a good look at the dress (yay for the dress) and then was fast back asleep before long.

SO here I am hours later…. a little groggy from a sleep interrupted and I can’t help but hear various of my salon sisters talking about how “This wedding is really every girl’s fantasy. We all want to marry a prince someday.”

REALLY? Did we all want to marry a Prince? Hey… good job Miss Kate or shall I say, HRH Duchess of Cornwall. I wish the lovely couple all the best. But as for me? I started to think… I never had the whole Prince fantasy.

Make no mistake… my husband is truly my Prince of Peace… but he garners this title because he is the most lovely calm man I know…. Not because his face is on a commemorative coin.

Bliss is mine in the marital sense…. But I don’t think I ever wanted a the whole White knight rescue thing.

Sure it would be lovely to have a couture McQueen dress paid for by the working class. But when I was 12 or 15 or even 20- I dreamt of getting a degree, getting a good job and buying my own Couture dress.

Maybe that makes me less of a girl…. Maybe that makes me more of one. As for the world view on the Fairytale ending…. Safe to say, my girlfriends, it, like my salt and pepper roots… well, it needs a bit of a touch up.

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