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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bitchy and Blogging and Busy, Oh My?

Here's a dose of IRONY for my girlfriends.... I am too busy to write this blog about how busy we have become. I know the last thing we need is to hear a sister bitch but permit me if I may at least 500 words or less.... MAN AM I BUSY.

I know that the womens' movement was a revelation for all things female, but really? Did we have to burn our bras? I mean- who has time to go bra shopping anymore? Did we really have to fight for the right to vote? I mean, who even has time cast a vote these days? Can't I just hire someone to check the right box and be done with it?

I am clearly doing the work of a 1950's housewife AND I am working full time.

In fact I am writing this very "Busy Blog" on my lunch hour while a patient waits patiently in the waiting room. When dear girlfriends, did life get so crazy? When did we all have the notion that we had to be everything to everyone at all times?

My girlfriend's daughter is seven years old. She needs a special calendar to keep track of all her acitivities. Between lessons and sports and piano and play dates she is as busy as a salesgirl on Boxing Day. If this is how she is at seven how will she be in thirty plus years from now?

Yes, I am ranting. I am tired and burnt out. Crispy in fact and I lack the will to keep it all together for the sake of the cyber space. WHEN DID WE GET SO GOD DAMN FREAKIN' BUSY??!!!

What happened to the days where we jumped out of bed and just played on our bikes on bright summer days until the sun went down? Now I use my bike to get to work and all I can do to get out of bed in the morning is visualize the time when I will be able to crawl back into it.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have had so many less play dates and lesson plans. I would have breathed more and planned less.

A survey of Detroit adults published in 1983 in the Journal of Social Behaviour shows that employment, marriage, and parenthood are associated with good physical health for both women and men.

Employed married parents tend to have the best health profile, while people with none of these roles tend to have the worst profile. Of the three roles, employment has the strongest effect, and parenthood the weakest.

Multiple roles (the combination of job plus family responsibilities) have no special effects on health, either negative or positive. So, people with both job and family roles enjoy the health benefits of each role and incur no special health disadvantage for being so busy.

This is true for both women and men.

Three explanations are considered: First, health risks may actually be lower for socially active people than for nonactive ones. Second, involved people may have health attitudes which reduce their sensitivity to symptoms and their willingness to take curative health actions. Third, social selection may operate so that healthy people are able to acquire and keep roles more easily than unhealthy people.

In other words.... my busy life may make me bitchy right now... but it will be a longer life. According to the researchers in Detroit, I may be healthier for it and more proactive towards health because of it. Furthermore, the study shows I can probably handle it. So, I had best suck it up.

As for my little blog/bitch fest... thanks for listening dear girlfriends.... I feel better already.

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