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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to Girlfriend's Guide to Health

I'm a specialist in Internal Medicine and a woman with a lot to say. Enter Girlfriend's Guide to Health. Be clear dear readers.... nothing in here is gospel and sure as hell does not replace good sound medical advice. I have NO INTENTION of becoming one of those freaky web sources that spouts the benefits of cinnamon and green tea. I believe most herbs are great for food seasoning not for curing cancer and that most naturopaths are just jealous that they could not get into medical school. I think science is good and the truth is often sold to the highest bidder. I believe most women should spend their hard earned money on Manolos and not vitamins and that the only supplements worth having are those that go with a fabulous black dress. That being said... Here is a frank account of what a women in medicine thinks of the world around her and what a girlfriend should know about her own health... 

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